Thank you for your bike rent reservation.

We are glad you decide to rent a bike with us. Now you are ready for great adventure on 2 wheels. Your bike should be there in around 30 minutes.

If we do not answer within 5 minutes contact us on whatsapp/viber

Copy-Paste this text template bellow to contact us on viber/whatsapp

Hello My name is John I would need 2 men bikes 1 female bikes delivered to 23000 Zadar address starting from 15.7. 2018 to 22.7 2018.

If we do not answer within 1 minute via whatsapp/viber then we are probably dead 🙂


What other says about us

Zadar Bike Magic

Zadar-bike is certified ZBM partner. More about Zadar bike Magic project find here: ZBM