Bike Rental Prices

Bike rental prices from 9€/day & delivery included!

We believe in freedom, in exploring more, in feeling more. We believe everyone should have a chance to experience a different way to explore Zadar, but not just Zadar but other small Dalmatian villages around the Zadar. So we offer you lowest price for bike rent in Zadar. We guarantee. Our prices include all taxes helmets, bike locks, and powerful led lights!.

But, wait, for prices you see below we will deliver and pick up bikes to and from you.We also offer great discounts for the longer rental period. No one can beat our price for 7 days rental period: 65 euro with delivery and pick up included. It is a steal!

This bike rent will pay off to you quick due to savings on gas and parking. Not to mention you will feel better, healthier and experience more. We offer you 22% discount at our most wanted 3 days package, 3 days bike rent, everything included-35€.

If you are in hurry and have just day or two to explore the city rent a bike for 27€/2 days. It is still lowest price in Zadar.



1You really deliver the bikes for free?
Yes, we really do! We will deliver bikes to you anywhere in the city of Zadar, Bibinje or at ferry port Gaženica for free. We will pick up the bikes as well. It is possible to deliver the bikes outside of Zadar as well but then the small delivery fee would be applied. Everything will be discussed BEFORE you rent the bikes.
2May I rent a bikes for one hour/half a day?
We mostly don’t rent bikes hourly or for half a day. Sometimes it is possible to arrange half day renting (if bikes are available) but you still need to pay for the whole day.
3Is one day rent 12 or 24 hours?
One day renting period is from early in the morning (9 a.m.) to late at the evening, so it is 12-hour renting period.
4May I pay with debit card?
Unfortunately, we do not accept credit card, only cash, whether kunas or euro.
5Do you provide bike locks/ lights/helmets?
Yes, we do, our bikes are fully equipped with bike locks and lights, we have helmets as well.
6Do you have bike racks/panniers?
Yes, we do, we have 3 bikes with racks so you should reserve it in advance. Racks will cost you additional 2€/day.
7What if I get flat tire?
We are doing everything we can in order to avoid flat tires. We equipped our bikes with best possible tires (anti-puncture) but we understand that even that is not enough sometimes. So we provide you with puncture kit and small air pump for free. It is even possible for us to come and repair/switch the bikes, but that will cost you 30 euro.
8How can I rent the bikes?
It is very easy, just click here, fill out the form and we will deliver you the bikes within 30 minutes.

Reserve your bike today and experience a different way to get around the city. Contact us through mobile phone (call, WhatsApp, Viber) or send us a mail, we will respond immediately.

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