The City seems a little different when you experience it outside of the car

Zadar is great city that's for sure, and our suggestion is to visit every corner of it. But, Zadar is not just old town, it is much more than that. Zadar is surrounded by beautiful islands, some of them are wild as they were 100 years ago, ancient towns like Nin and Biograd, National parks or nature park like Vrana Lake. Sometimes, especially during the high season Zadar is very crowded, and our advice is to grab a bike and feel freedom, feel more, feel the difference.
We will present you some of the best Zadar bike routes, only you need to do is to choose wich one you want to try.


Zadar islands

Yes, islands. It may sound a little crazy to you, but you should definitely try it. Of course, you will need a ferry to get you there :), Going to Croatian islands with a bike is much much cheaper than going there by car (due to ferry fees for cars), it is also much better. once you are there you can explore the whole Island, from place to place. It is great way to spend your day or even weekend.

Ugljan route

TOTAL LENGTH: cca 35 km,
WHAT TO VISIT: Old fishing town Kali
The island of Ugljan is a part of the archipelago of Zadar and the closest island to the cultural and economical center of the County- the town of Zadar, only a few NM away.The island has seven villages. The town of Ugljan is the biggest and it is placed in the NW part, the part that has the most hours of insulation in the entire area thanks to its position. In many angles and numerous coves, there are nine idyllic parts that make the town of Ugljan (Ceprljanda, Luciano selo, Batalaza, Susica, Gornje Selo, Muline, Guduce, Fortostina, Varos). About 1000 inhabitants live here, and they are mainly occupied with agriculture, fishery, and tourism.

Dugi otok route

 Lighthouse, Saharun beach, Salt lake

The coast of the island facing the open sea is characterized by sharp contrasts: the part that is located in the Nature Park is mostly steep and dominated by beautiful cliffs, while on the southeast side of the island one can find quiet coves and the sandy beach Sakarun. The island’s beauty is an ideal place for swimming and enjoying the purity of the sea and the beauty of nature.Each island still has its „wild“ side as a true evidence of the constant activities of unstoppable forces of nature – the sea and the wind.Dugi otok is a true example of a place where these two opposites are most evident. Picturesque villages and secluded beaches collide with majestic cliffs and lush vegetation.

Places around Zadar

Bibinje route

WHAT TO VISITD-Marin, Križ hill, Old town

Bibinje- Bibinje is a village in southern Croatia, situated southeast from Zadar, between the Adriatic tourist road and the sea, having a four kilometer coastline with beaches and pathways. It has 3,923 residents. Bibinje is a home of largest Marina in Croatia and with highest capacity in the Eastern Mediterranean – Marina Dalmacija. If you are interested in big yachts, or you are boat fan you should visit this beauty. Take the opportunity to visit “Križ” hill above Bibinje, 20 years ago center of the war, but today you can see great view from there. It will take you around 30 minutes from Zadar city centar to either Marine or Križ


 WHAT TO VISIT: Old townChurch of St Nicholas, The Museum of salt

On a small island in the middle of a shallow lagoon the small town of Nin can be found with its old centre, connected to the mainland by two stone bridges. Nin has had an exciting past and today a lovely present. All its stories, all its beauty and natural wealth are here to be enjoyed and to find joy, health and spiritual satisfaction which are so much needed today.Nin is the European Destination of Excellence (EDEN). It is well known for its medicinal mud which reliably cures many illnesses. There is a saltworks producing salt before your very eyes and whose tradition is a thousand years old. Touching the big toe on the statue of Grgur Ninski – tradition has it-brings good luck. Indeed, one foreign portal has included it among the ten most attractive world symbols of luck. It is worth giving it a try!

These are most important and most beautiful Zadar bike routes we can recommend to you. If you need any advice, information, or help in organizing your trip to any of these destination, feel free to contact us.

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